How Do Solar Panels Work in Winter?

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Can Solar Panels Work In Winter? Find Out!

It is a myth that solar panels do not function during winter because winter presentation and patterns differ from one state to another. Some states experience snowless winters, while other areas receive lots of snow. Whichever the case, you cannot avoid the idea of installing a solar Panel during winter. You probably believe that Solar Panels function more efficiently in energy production during snowless winter days, but just like other electrical appliances, they do perform just as well in cold temperatures. The two different types of panels are Solar Thermal Panel and Photovoltaic (PV) Panel. Solar Thermal Panel provides space heating and hot water for domestic use in households whereas Photovoltaic Panel converts solar radiation into electricity. The two use sun rays for conversion into energy without which they remain dormant. So how do these solar equipment manage to work in winter?

Solar panels for homesTry net metering

Since solar panels need sunlight to function at their best, they run into challenges during the winter season when there is either very little natural light or none at all. However, these panels may still work during winter through the net metering process. Net metering involves collecting and storing excess energy during sunny days so that you can use it during those sunless days. You may consider it more of banking where you save energy collected, and use it when the sun is down or even during the night. If well checked, it contributes to reduced expenditure on energy, especially during the winter season.

High-quality solar panels

The absence of light may signal the dormancy of many solar-powered devices. Nevertheless, solar panels with a high-quality anti-reflective glass will give better results during the winter compared to brands of average efficiency. High-end panels harvest sunlight from all angles; hence, more useful in low light conditions. If you are going to keep your winter warm, you are going to make some sacrifices so you get a high-quality solar equipment that may be quite expensive.

Professional installation

It is good practice to get professionals to position and install your solar panel. During installation, the professionals will be in a position to determine the most appropriate position in respect to the position of the sun during winter – if there will be any. The panel may still be able to collect the little sunrays present in the atmosphere and create energy. Position the panels in a downward position to ensure that snow washes off easily.

With the advancement of technology, companies are improving and modifying the conventional solar equipment, and worries over whether or not it will withstand harsh weather conditions will be a thing of the past. Ensure that your panel works even in winter by purchasing high-quality products, and getting professionals to install them for you. You also need to invest in net metering so that you can store the excess energy during sunny days to keep your panel working during snowy seasons. These measures, along with good energy conservation practices, should see you through winter without many challenges.

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