Solar Panels Nottingham

Are you looking for solar panels in Nottingham? Let LJ Electrical of Loughborough shed some light on your energy requirements.

LJ Electrical of Loughborough’s solar panel installations are affordably priced, designed to suit your requirements, and use the latest technologies.  Though we offer photovoltaic solar panels in Nottingham at present, we are open to new technologies. We have several happy customers in Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire, domestic and commercial.

Solar Panels NottinghamWithout sunshine, our trees wouldn’t grow to the same heights as normal.  The Old Oak Tree in Sherwood Forest wouldn’t grow to the heady heights nor receive the iconic status it enjoys.  On a tree, leaves work like solar panels, though they use photosynthesis instead of photovoltaic technology.  Whereas Nottingham’s history isn’t complete without The Old Oak Tree and Robin Hood, your home or workplace (more than ever), isn’t complete without solar panels.

Nottingham is renowned for its role in the Robin Hood tales and its castle has been rebuilt since the medieval days. Although solar panels weren’t around in those days, its residents now look to utilise solar panel technology to generate their required electricity. There are many benefits to choosing this technology for your home, as described below.

Why choose us for your Solar Panels in Nottingham?

With businesses encouraged to reduce their carbon footprint (and homeowners willing to do the same), solar energy offers a low carbon alternative to gas, oil or solid fuel based heating systems.  Any form of daylight that reaches the solar panels is converted to electrical energy.  This is used to give you constant hot water, or a fully-fledged central heating system.

Plus, through a system known as feed-in tariffs, you can sell some of your solar energy back to the National Grid, and be paid royalties.

  • Latest technologies covered;
  • Free no-obligation quote and design service;
  • All installations supplied, installed, and fully insured;
  • Friendly, independent advice from knowledgeable people.

Make us your first choice for solar panels

Sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees, especially with solar technology being a competitive field.  LJ Electrical of Loughborough cover all parts of Nottingham and surrounding area, from West Bridgford to Long Eaton, and Rushcliffe.  The historic city is only a short distance from our base in Loughborough.

If you have any further queries about solar panels, why not call us on 07770 788469 or 01509 266383?  We will be delighted to help you.