Solar Panels Leicester

Solar Panels LeicesterAdvancements in modern technology have allowed us to resource energy from sunlight more efficiently than ever before. In Leicester and across the world, the solar panel is revolutionising how we generate electricity and allowing us to be more economically friendly whilst saving money at the same time. LJ Electrical of Loughborough are providing this exciting new technology to you, and are available to install solar panels in Leicester.

Why our Solar Panels in Leicester?

Today, solar panels are able to operate in more ways than one, generating electricity from daylight sources as well as sunlight, compensating for the Great British weather and creating a demand for renewable, environmentally friendly energy. We believe solar powered electricity is the way forward.

How does it work?

Solar Panels take energy from outside sources, primarily sunlight, and convert it from DC (Direct Current) into AC (Alternating Current) which is then used to power your lighting and electrical appliances. It’s safe and reliable, sustainable, and operates silently.

How can I benefit?

Considering solar energy is important for two reasons. By installing Solar Panels and generating safe and environmentally friendly energy, we can reduce our usage of fossil fuels that are harmful to the planet. The surface of the earth is provided with 20,000 times the energy needed to power the entire world, and harnessing it causes no pollution. Additionally, you could be saving money by generating electricity in your own home, office or factory in the Leicester area through our Feed-In-Tariffs.

We are available to install solar panels in Leicester. Our preferred variety is Solar PV, a more efficient choice for homes and businesses that are available for supply and fitting from only £4,950. If you require any further information on our solar panels service and you are based in the Leicester area, contact us today on 01509 266383 or 07770 788469. We look forward to hearing from you.