Solar Panels Derby

Make LJ Electrical of Loughborough your first call for solar panels in Derby

Solar Panels DerbyAround a century and a half ago, Derby was at the forefront of a transport revolution.  It was, and still is to this day, noted for its role in the railway industry.  With renewable energy sources, our energy requirements could leave the steam age in express time.  It is a future that involves heat pumps, solar panels, and greater energy efficiency.

With LJ Electrical of Loughborough, you too could leave the steam age.  Our solar panel installations in Derby are designed to suit your requirements, use state-of-the-art technologies, and are affordably priced.  At present, we offer photovoltaic solar panels, though open to new technologies should they arrive in good time.  Throughout Leicestershire and Derbyshire, we have many happy customers: from households to businesses.

Why solar panels?

Firstly, we all want cheaper utility bills.  Some of us want to help to save the environment.  Solar energy kills two birds with one stone.  Any system using solar panels offer a low carbon alternative to gas, oil or solid fuel based heating systems, as well as lower fuel bills.  In return, you can have constant hot water or a fully-fledged central heating system, powered by the sun (even whilst raining).

Through a system known as feed-in tariffs, you can sell some of your solar energy back to the National Grid.  Then you get paid a given amount, based on how much has been sold back to the Grid.

Why choose us?

  • State-of-the-art solar energy systems;
  • A free no-obligation quote and design service;
  • Bespoke installations, supplied, installed, and fully insured;
  • Independent advice from friendly and knowledgeable people.

Your next stop for solar panels in Derby

If you’re looking for affordable heating systems with solar panels,  LJ Electrical of Loughborough should be your next call.  We cover all parts of Derby and surrounding area including Mickleover, Burnaston, and Borrowash.  All of which a short distance from our base in Loughborough.

For further information about solar panels in and around the Derby area or an free no-obligation quote, call us on 07770 788469 or 01509 266383?  We will be delighted to help you.